Modified: Tuesday, November 5, 2002


2002-11-05 -- ALPHA 3 is out, this will probably be the last alpha release since most aspects of the game work fairly well, however I'd like to get the time to write a decent AI player before going to beta. Pete W have added two AIs that is really fast and that may be a challange for beginners in 3D-tick-tack-toe.

2002-09-01 -- The project has been fixed up a bit, not much new code has been added. If I can only get around to fix some small glitches it could probably go to BETA stage. It should now be quite ready for other people to develop there own AIs.

2002-08-20 -- The first binary release was very brief, only there for a day or two. Now the ALPHA2 is out there. After some testing this will probably go to BETA1 rather soon.

2002-08-10 -- Things are starting to turn out ok. Networking is almost working and the first alpha release is not far away. Work will halt here for a moment since there will be little or no progress during the next week.

2002-08-08 -- Site created, sources uploaded.

Version history

Alpha release 3

Features added.

  • Progress indicator that shows the time remaining until the time limit is reached in network games added.

Bugs that where fixed.

  • The time-out for moves when playing over a network was not changable and was only 60 sec. A network error occured when the time-out was reached.

Alpha release 2

Bugs that where fixed.

  • The game did not display the correct winner.
  • The "looser" in a network game is told that he has lost instead of geting a "network error".

Alpha release 1

Features added.

  • GUI Application and Applet support
  • Network support
  • Computer player added

Bugs that where fixed.

  • No double-buffering. This means the window will "flicker" on non-double-buffered systems. (All but MacOS X?)
  • When playing a networked game the board is not updated in the correct manner.
  • The game did not detect wins in some direction ("negative" directions where not investigated)

Initial sources

Well, they where there, most of the "ground-work" was done. Players could play against each other, the game checked for winners.

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