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v0.1.2_a3 aka ALPHA 3



Tick-Tack-Toe-3D ALPHA 3 for MacOS X

Tick-Tack-Toe-3D ALPHA 3 as a jar archive.

Tick-Tack-Toe-3D ALPHA 2 for MacOS X

Tick-Tack-Toe-3D ALPHA 2 as a jar archive.

More downloads are available at sourceforge

How to run a binary


Take the "for MacOS X" binary. Use some uncompression utility (such as Stuffit[tm] Expander or OpenUp) to decompress the .tar.gz file. Or do 'tar -zxvf 3t3d_version_macosx.tgz' in the terminal. On most systems the file should be automaticly expanded when you download it or you will simply have to doble-click the file 3t3d_version_macosx.tgz.

When the file is uncompressed you should have a file named 'TickTackApp', double-click this file to run Tick-Tack-Toe-3D.


Do 'gunzip 3t3d_version_jar.jar.gz' to extract the file. Then do 'java -cp TickTackApp.jar TickTackApp' to run Tick-Tack-Toe-3D. This will ofcourse also work on MacOS X systems if you get the jar archive distribution.


Well you're on your own, the main class is called TickTackApp but you could probably do something similar to what you do in UNIX.

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