Modified: Sunday, September 1, 2002


Visit the project at sourceforge. Here you can get the source, see what is happening and maybe find a task to work at.
Get the latest source on CVS

Look at the javadoc for the classes here

Writing AI-Players

Developers are encouraged to write their own AI-Players. This is not very hard. However writing a good one is! If you feel up to it check the source file (and maybe to see how this can be accomplished. A more detailed description will pop-up here when the project becomes more stable.

Well I think it's about time... It should now be possible to learn how to write your own AI by looking at the javadoc for ComputerPlayer, what you have to do is implement your own subclass of ComputerPlayer.

Coding style

Be consistent - This is the most important thing!

Some general things to begin with:

Tab and indent level is 5 spaces.
The code should fit completely in a 80 character wide window, unless there is a VERY good reason for it not too.
Braces can be placed like this

for(i=0;i<5;i++) {
     code here...
or like this
     code here...

Single Line if:s don't need braces, like this:

if(a < b)

All variables begin with a small letter, and then there is a capital letter for each new word, like this: thisIsMyLongVariableName. And they should NOT be longer then neccesary (this example is TOO long).
Classes and functions/methods begin with a capital letter and then there is a capital letter for each new word, like this: ThisIsMyLongClassName. Classnames should be desciptive.
Use C++ style comments (//) inside functions, and use javadoc comments for functions and for the class description.
Make sure the class and all public functions have atleast some javadoc comments before uploading them to the CVS.
Include similar headings as the current files have, ie the GPL, the application description and creation date.

Thanks for obaying these rules it will make it easier for everyone.

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